Keeping your car cool when it is in motion

  • Examine functioning of Air Conditioning system

Proper Air conditioning system is the basic requirement for your car during summers. Heat in Dubai and other middle east countries are extreme and measures have to be taken to cool down your car and also for comfortable journeys. Chances of having Air-conditioning malfunctions are high as it operates throughout the year.

  • Air Pressure, Alignment, and Weariness to be checked

Tyres require extra inspection and care because it holds the whole weight for you. Underinflated and overinflated tires can be dangerous, it can also affect the overall functioning of the vehicle. Apart from the regular Aircheck, alignment of the tires is important. There are chances of misalignment due to extreme weather conditions which affect the overall balance.

  • Change engine oil with oil filter

Engine oil is what that helps the engine to run properly. When the engine runs smoothly chances of having friction is maintained and runs smoothly. But during extreme summers you might have to change the oil and oil filters often than during other months of the year, probably after every 5000 miles as recommended by the specialist.

  • Batteries need to be maintained throughout the summer

Extreme hot climate can destroy batteries or decrease their lifespan. So, most importantly it has to be kept clean. What happens during the summer is that the heat overcharges the battery, speeding up the chemical reaction inside and also evaporates the fluid inside. Cleaning batteries are simple all you need to do is remove the cables, clean the terminals and secure all the connections.

Keeping your car cool when it is parked

  • Use sunshades and par in shady areas

Using sunshades even when you are off for a few minutes can keep your car cool while you are away. Keeping a sunshade on your rear window can keep it cooler. Parking where there is shade is another way to avoid direct heat into your car.

  • Covering the interiors

Using a hand towel to cover the steering wheel and blankets to cover the seats is a good way to keep the car cool while you are away or for the long weekends. Will help you keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down and also keep the interiors cool once you get inside for your day out.

  • Keep the windows slightly cracked

Leaving the windows opened is not a necessarily a good idea but a slight crack can be a good idea to have ventilation inside the car. The crack should not be big enough to fit your arms inside, but a small crack would do the job just fine.

May 03, 2015
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