From general maintenance to in-depth diagnostics on your Volvo car, you can rely upon our team of expert Technicians based in Dubai, we welcome and serve Volvo clients from entire UAE and beyond. We are a professional service provider, devoid of dealership constrains, with a commendable reputation across the region. Our expertise in Volvo cars is second to none with a proven track record.

Big savings on Main Dealer Volvo servicing prices

Here at Wagenkenner, we can categorically say that because our overheads are much lower than main Volvo dealerships we are able to pass these savings onto our customers. Our Volvo servicing pricing is one of the most competitive in the area. We don’t have the same costs of maintaining and staffing an expensive high street showroom. We will always provide you, our customer with a value for money service and offer transparent pricing. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will professionally maintain all types of vehicles according to individual manufacturer guidelines – using the latest up to date technology and equipment to fault find as quickly as possible. Our highly skilled technicians will work efficiently to ensure your Volvo is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Our philosophy is simply to offer efficient and value for money service. Our Volvo car owners have direct access to our engineers from booking to completion of repairs. This approach minimizes potential breakdown in communication between us and our valued customers. We pride ourselves in offering the best and the most comprehensive service on Volvo cars.

Simply put we place a high price on our reputation and value for money, service, and rely on repeat business. We are small but efficient. We care about our investment – that is you the customer. We are cheaper than Main Dealers because we trim our costs to remain competitive while we are conscious of escalating cost of car maintenance particularly in today’s economic climate.

We always aspire to achieving a first time fix. This helps us to be efficient while achieving greater customer satisfaction. Being small means we rely on repeat business and consequent word of mouth recommendations.

We are proud of our customer retention record of over 95%.

We set ourselves very high standards and place our customer needs as our number one priority in all our dealings. TRANPARENCY is the key to our trading success.

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