Things you should keep in mind before selling your car in Dubai


There are two different ways to sell your car. The first way is through trading up, where you do not have to break your head running around, you could just accept the dealers price and sell the car. The other way is to sell it privately.

Dealings with the dealer

When you are doing the trading way, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Well for the former you do not have to do much, in this case, the professional deals with a majority of the things, including all the documentation procedures, will be handled by them. Mostly all this is taken care of on the dealer’s desk at the showroom.

Now when it comes to the disadvantages it’s a very common factor that is the price. There are high chances that you will mostly get a lower price than what you would have if you did it yourself privately. You will have to do a bit of researching on your car model, its year and conditions and put a value on it yourself.

If the difference between your price and the dealers price is small then you should go for it, but if it makes a big difference and you believe that your price is a fair market price then its better sold privately

Doing it yourself

First and foremost thing to do is research, find out a fair price in the market, check the model value, year and other required details. The classifieds in is one way to do your researching. You can even place your own ad, which would cost about AED 200 for used car ads. Give the suitable details for the buyer to contact you.

Be minimal in your expectations. Not everybody that calls wants your car or might not even turn up at all. There will be dealers calling you as well. Negotiating or even straight deals. Those who come can be really nosy professionals, so keep the lesser you giveaway the better. They would not leave any opportunity to find defaults and lower the price really low.

Other major points

You need to be flexible in your approach if there is not much response the best idea is to review your price again to the lowest you can.

When it comes to inspections and test drives, be careful not to trust the car with a complete stranger, always accompany and drive about 10-15 mins is more than enough. If in case the buyer wants to inspect the car with a mechanic, yes possible but make sure you put the points clear. Either the mechanic can come with the buyer or you accompany him to wherever the mechanic is. Any charges or fees for the mechanic is the buyer’s responsibility.

Now when the deal is almost done if you see any resistance to shake hands or pay the deposit, then the deal is not happening and you have wasted time. Ask for a deposit around 5% and ask for cash, not a cheque.

The official aspects are easy as the procedures are tightly controlled by the (RTA) Road Transport Authority. In case you have taken a bank loan to buy the car, transferring of ownership will not happen unless the lending bank instructs the RTA that it’s OK for the transfer to proceed.

Now coming towards the end, there are just two things to keep in mind that it, one, do not accept a cheque for the balance owing on the car, be polite and ask for cash and the second one is your number plate. You can not take it with you if you are leaving the country, either give it to your buyer or find out your number plates value as you may not know what’s it’s worth.


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