Do you drive? If yes, you must be having a car! well then you have to make sure your car is green, you know what we mean. Yes,Eco-friendly. we can assure you its not expensive, its not difficult. Anybody can do it if you have the heart to. Everything starts from us and then, the world around you changes.

Just a few tips and you are done going green! Never thought it was that simple right. We are here to guide you through these steps which you can follow and make your car an environmentally friendly one!

So here goes the tips to going green

  • Regular servicing

Its not only your body that has to be maintained, your car also deserve to have one. These check-ups include having to do regular tune-ups, checking gas caps and changing oils regularly, which is required as the viscosity of oil increases over time. Having a scheduled maintenance record helps you pay less at the pumps and also decrease the emissions of gases
that pollute the environment.

  • Proper disposal of hazardous waste

Batteries, motor oils, tires have to be disposed or recycled in proper methods. Various auto-parts and auto repair stores take used oil and filters. for more details on oil recycling, you can crosscheck with your local government.

  • Sensible driving

Driving smart actually helps a lot in the fuel economy. You can combine chores in single trips rather than taking multiple trips. Avoid sudden brakes and starts can be avoided causing bad friction. changing your settings to cruise controls can also keep you in your limits. Avoid aggressive driving.

  • Usage of A/c and its maintenance

Avoid using A/C whenever possible and pull down your windows, isn’t nature’s breeze more beautiful? A/C systems require inspections at time intervals.

  • Save Money Save Environment

Choose the right fuel suitable for your vehicle, fuel filters require change every 2 years.Always maintain the tire pressure given by the manufactures proper engine oils has to be used for optimum mileage that can in turn help you save your pocket. Summers in many countries are very hot, temperature goes up and heats up cars.Park cars in shades which keeps it away from overheating while the engine runs. fire and short circuits can occur from such cases. Safety is an important factor to us and environment.


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