There are many things you need to consider before buying a car in Dubai. One of the most key factors is knowing the difference between GCC and other specs and also why people choose one over the other.

When people buy used or new cars they have two option to choose from that is to buy GCC spec cars or other origin cars. There are a couple of differences you need to know before you make the move.

The interiors, car accessories and powertrains of cars differ on the origin basis. These factors are accommodated in the car according to the county weather and environmental conditions. So, in the UAE there are chances you face dust storms, other harsh conditions and the terrains are also rough, taking these factors into consideration, the GCC spec models are suited and made for the people driving in the UAE. The modification in the GCC spec cars are:

Enhanced Air conditioning

The air conditioning of other origin spec cars have chances of not functioning due to the extremely hot climate of Dubai especially during the months of July and August. Hence GCC spec cars have better air conditioning system that suits their hot climate and run efficiently.

Enhanced filtration system

Cars in UAE are exposed to a lot of dust and sand, which may cause a lot of trouble in the long run. The GCC spec cars come in handy in this situation, as they have improved filtration system that counters the aforementioned elements.

Enhanced radiators

GCC spec cars have better radiators with more capacity than the other cars.

Rust Protection

GCC spec cars have improved rust protection to deal with the corrosion that happens due to high humidity rate.

Few reasons why people prefer GCC spec cars over the other cars are

1. Workshop and car dealers who are specialized in GCC spec cars are a lot more than the others. In case you want to repair or replace parts specifically made for GCC spec cars, then they are easily available. The non-GCC spec cars workshop and dealers are also available but are much costlier than this one.

2. Local discounts and offers can be benefitted through buying GCC spec cars.

3. The really crucial factor is the resale value, which is much much higher than that of the other origin cars.

4. Yet you might be thinking why people still opt for non-GCC cars is because of the higher price tag especially while buying high-end models. When compared the non-GCC spec cars, they have a price tag cheaper to around 15%., making it a better option for many.

If you are going for a used car, it is advised not to take used non-GCC vehicles as most of them are damaged and not fit to be used in the present environment.


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