All about the Blue Low Coolant light that illuminates on your dashboard


Having troubles finding out what the blue light on your dashboard means and what you need to do when that pops up. Well, we could some help, that is throwing light about that area and everything related to it.

The Blue Light means that your vehicle is coolant is at a low temperature. The coolant which is otherwise known as an antifreeze is a fluid that is usually found in the vehicle is radiator. It helps the water in the radiator from freezing during winters and boiling off in the summers. When the coolant does not do these function efficiently.

Now to the question what you should be doing when the blue light turns on. The coolant is cold when you start the car and hence the light will be shown when you start your car. The oil viscidity at the stage where you start your car is not suitable for high engine loads which is why you need to keep up a slow pace till the coolant warms up and turns off. Do not push your car too much on to the rough side or try passing traffic light or overtake passing traffic.

Now when the blue light does not turn off, first of all, do not panic. There is a few reason to why the light did not turn off. two of the reasons are one, that there is not much coolant in your radiator and the other there are chances your thermostat might be broken. The light may stay on if your coolant is not warm enough. Make sure your car is cool before you check the coolant. It expands in high temperatures and might not give the right reading. It is also under high pressure making the boiling fluid splash up when you open. So make sure the car is cool before you take the reading.

The blue light sign is just a signal for you monitor your driving and keep calm till the coolant starts functioning again. If the problem sustains you should probably get to the nearest garage.

May 03, 2015


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