The greatest trouble when you are going for your long holidays is where to put your car and how to maintain it so that it is the same condition when you come back. A lot of questions have been asked in the past, now Wagen Kenner has come up with some amazing tips to keep you and your car happy. The methods differ with the time periods of your vacation, the longer it is the better care you have to take.

  • Finding a shelter

The best place where you can keep your vehicle in the garage. If you don not have one, another choice would be going for the public storage facility for storage, which may cost you a reasonable amount. In case you are planning to keep your car outside, you may require a weatherproof cover to protect it from the sun and also from dirt. Covering your vehicle is the most important factor to be checked.

  • Keep the vehicle clean

Getting someone to wash your car often is not a practical thought, but if you do, it would be great.What you can do is clean it up before leaving park it away from places where bird droppings are obvious and also preferably in the shade as the sun rays can damage your vehicles paint. You can also apply a coat wax before leaving which can be helpful to protect the paint to an extent.

  • Fill up the tank and change the oil

If you are planning to move out of the city for more than 30 days, then you definitely need to fill up the tank so that it prevents moisture than can be formed inside the fuel tank. A good fuel stabilizer protects the engine from rust and varnish. Longer periods of storage requires a good fuel stabilizer and can also prevent the gas from being used up for almost a year.

  • Car tracking systems

Though you might store your car in a very secure place, car tracking systems can be very useful. You can always get your back if it gets stolen. Car tracking systems include various techniques mostly using GPS. Your car is particularly targeted if it is new and with the bad men getting so sophisticated why take risks.

  • Purchase tire stoppers

Putting your car on the parking brake is a good idea but not when you are keeping for storage. The continuous friction of brake pads with the rotors may fuse. So what you should do is get a tire stopper also called as chock can be used and is very effective.

  • No rodents around!

Your dark and cozy garage can be very welcoming for the rats and mice. They are a lot of things they can hide and chew upon. Make sure you close all the gaps with steel wool so that they do not enter. Keeping mousetraps are fine but make sure you get someone to clean often otherwise the smell would be disastrous when you come back.


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